Family, Dogs, Hunting and Tradition

With hunting season just around the corner and the Kevin’s catalog arriving in mail boxes this week, I get excited thinking about this season in life. It makes me think of tradition, dogs, entertaining and more importantly spending time with family and friends. Children join their parents, grandparents and friends in the field. While I love hunting too, I also love that men, of all ages, enjoy the camaraderie of the hunt many times throughout the season. No hunt is complete without dogs, fine guns and celebration! It’s the perfect time to share the stories of the day.

Hunting is a wonderful way to celebrate the abundance of nature while respecting and preserving the great outdoors. I am filled with pride when I see the young adults, who came to Kevin’s as children, now showing their skill and enthusiasm by posting their trophy’s on Facebook and visiting us at our stores.

Kevin’s Fine Outdoor Gear and Apparel lives this tradition. That is why we choose to feature family, friends and dogs on our first cover. We hunt, we love our dogs and our children grow up next to us, outside, together. Over the past 30 years, Kevin’s has been providing the finest in guns, gear and lifestyle merchandise to our customers. We put our heart and soul into buying and designing what we feel is a product selection that you will love; but your feedback is always important to us. All of the clothing, gear, and guns shown in our catalog are a small representation of what is available in our stores and online, so always let us know your thoughts, because it is all about you.

People always wonder who is in our catalog – are they models? Can they shoot a gun?  In fact, they all love hunting and they are our friends and family .  The dogs you see are their dogs and  this Kevin’s catalog features a historic plantation in Thomasville, Georgia.  It makes sense to kick off the season at this location because it truly  represents  tradition and the outdoor life. Thomasville and Tallahassee is surrounded by many shooting plantations that are busy from September until the last hunting day allowed.

I can hardly wait for the first dove shoot even though it will be hot, because it is so fun to see all of our customers back at Kevin’s. Thank you for all of your continued support of our family business.

Kathleen Kelly



Kevin is wearing a handsome Purdey’s field hunting vest in canvas with felt shooting patches


We just love these children and they look adorable in Joules’ Tweed Jacket and Joules’ Quilted Jackets – tough enough for the playground on a freezing day


Doug and his son Eli love dressing alike! They look great in their matching tattersalls I love Doug’s look in his medium weight Barbour Lowerdale Gilet and Eli sure is sporting in his children’s vest and Joules tweed hat!


Allyson is stunning in her Joules Tweed Fieldcoat and Fox Sweater new to Kevin’s this season.

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