Kevin’s Elk

Kevin's Elk

Kevin just returned from the spectacular Highland Hills Ranch in Oregon, learning about the newest in gun technology with Beretta USA   The group enjoyed a successful pheasant hunt and all was well in the world. Kevin didn’t really think he could be any happier until he joined some friends in Montana for a little Elk hunting.

The bull in the picture was shot by Kevin with a bow and arrow at 66 yards…Kevin was so full of happy, he headed home early just before the snow started to fall. He would say, this was a good week in September.

The Real Economic Impact of Hunting

The Real Economic Impact of Hunting

Pretty awesome numbers…This came to us from the National Shooting Sports Foundation and is a great glimpse at the amount of money generated annually by hunting.

Kevin’s Fashion Trends, Always Ahead of the Curve – Fall/Winter 2013-14

Fall fashions are in and color palettes are reflecting a positive resurgence in faith and confidence according to Pantone – the company known for determining color trends in fashion and design globally.   A strong connection to the land and the “quiet power of nature” inspired their color selections, reminding us of the beauty of the outdoors. There is a trend this fall and winter to remind us of the “deep-rooted sense of heritage.”  These colors are a true reflection of Kevin’s customer’s who gain their strength with connection to the land as they wear these colors naturally.

The color forecasting agency Design Options brings a separate break down of colors for Fall and Winter 2013/14. They see:

Out of the woods

Mustard yellow and dark olive tones of  timberland and  wilderness accentuate understated and delicate shapes. Alabaster and cool grey shades provide texture and fluidity upon a canvas of countryside solitude. Mauve hues infused with refined silver tints provide a picture-perfect fusion of earthy elements.

out of the woods mens colors fall 2013

When you travel through Kevin’s Catalog and our stores, you will see that these colors are found throughout.  Not only do we keep a fashion forward eye  designing fashion for menswear and womenswear each season, we also make sure our customers have the most beautiful selections for the outdoor enthusiast as they move throughout their lives, both in business and while entertaining.

Fur-Trimmed Hacking Jacket
Kevin’s Catalog presents a lightweight, tweed hacking jacket, which comes in both long and short styles, this stunningly tailored jacket has exquisite details such as fur trimmed pockets and vintage buttons.

Kevin’s customers are familiar with this season’s color palette  because in hunting, the need to blend into nature is second nature! We are glad to see the rest of the world enjoying what we have always loved best, colors that soothe and create a feeling of one with the outdoors – at least for this fall and winter season.

Kevins Mens Long Sleeve Field Shirt
Because we know this featherweight 100% cotton poplin shirt can “hunt” Kevin’s created an exclusive new casual sport shirt from our popular shooting shirt.  

Kevin's Vintage Khaki Men's Pants with Leather Trim
Kevin’s updated broken-in, rugged, cotton canvas vintage pant collection meets the discriminating gentleman’s lifestyle. Our new leather trimmed khaki’s are handsome and comfortable.

Nelli Quickly Becomes Kevin’s Mascot for Cute!

We had so much fun last Friday, our manager’s son came by to visit with his lab puppy Nelli.  Immediately, we decided a photo shoot was in order and with iphones (and finally a good camera), we spent a few hours with Nelli as center and focus of our new game day  merchandise and potentially our holiday dog! Nelli is only 12 weeks old but she was sweet and cooperative – she’s a star already and will eventually be retrieving birds in the field.

Our fall State Traditions tee and belts got everyone excited too – being in the south, we love our SEC and ACC football so there was no shortage of absolute loyalty to each school’s shirts . We decided to let everyone pick their colors and display to the world (along with Nelli)!

Nelli in Photo Shoot for Kevin' Catalog
We couldn’t resist this face! Nelli modeling like a professional for our impromptu photo shoot at Kevin’s Fine Outdoor Gear & Apparel.
State Traditions and Southern Proper Tee's perfect for Game Day
Will you look as cute in State Traditions and Southern Proper Game Day Tee’s as Nelli? We say Yes!
Which SEC or ACC School is your favorite?
Nelli is too tired to take sides, she loves all the State Traditions Tees and belts!


Kevin’s is proud to sponsor and exhibit their fine guns at the Southern Side by Side again.  Kevin, along with Gun Manager Mike Burnett and Jarred Singletary will be available to talk guns, hunting and show off their collection of highly collected shotguns.  It is an exciting weekend for gun enthusiasts and a great way to show off your skills and kick off the hunting season.  The following is from Southern Side By Sides website.


At the Back Woods Quail Club in historic Georgetown, SC

Shooters descend upon the Back Woods Quail Club in historic Georgetown, South Carolina to compete in the 6th Annual Southern Side by Side Championship & Exhibition Fall Classic, September 13-15!

Atkin Grant & Lang Main Event (Two Day Event!):

Shooters can test their skills with any gauge gun on Saturday and Sunday in the Oain Event.  Each day features 75 targets for a total of 150 targets in the event.  Main Event scorecards must be turned in by 3 p.m. Sunday.


Side by Side Continental Pheasant Tower Shoot

Back Woods Quail Club offers a traditional pheasant tower shoot on its grounds.  Limited space available; call for reservation: (843) 546-1466.

Friday Preliminary Events:

50-Target 10-Gauge/12-Gauge/16-Gauge Event

50-Target 20-Gauge/28-Gauge/32-Gauge/410 Bore Event

Saturday/Sunday Events:

150-Target Main Event (75 targets Saturday & 75 targets Sunday)

50-Target Sub-Gauge 20-Gauge/28-Gauge/32-Gauge/410 Bore Event

30-Target Compak Sporting Event

25-Target Black Powder Event

Parker-Smith Events:

30-Target Fall Challenge

50-Target Trap Challenge

Many opportunities to compete and win!

Quail hunt and deer hunt excursions

Quail and deer hunting opportunities will abound on the Back Woods Quail Club’s extensive grounds. Excursions hosted throughout the weekend. Call the Back Woods Quail Club to reserve your place and learn more.