Remi – Kevin’s Celebrity Dog!

Written by guest blogger: Meghan Lodge

As many of you hunters know, no two sporting dogs are the same, even within the same breed. Some just have an amazing drive to perform and will perform their tasks with precision and a confident grace that makes your chest swell with pride. Others may not operate as smoothly, but still get the job done. Then there’s that select few – the eccentric failed sporting dog that thinks flushing a bird is barking at it until it flies away and retrieving is an exercise game for the owner. My Remi darling falls in the latter category, for sure!

Kevin's Celebrity Dog - Remi
Winner of Kevin’s Catalog Celebrity Dog Contest – Boykin Spaniel Remi! The competition was tough but Remi stole the show!

Remi was a rambunctious and mischievous adolescent Boykin Spaniel known as Madison when we met her. Her first owners weren’t prepared for her boundless energy or penchant for hunting moles in the backyard. We adopted her, and my husband renamed her “Remington High Brass” after the only shell his father’s beloved 16 gauge shot gun would shoot. He clearly had high aspirations for her to be a fine bird dog.

It’s true – you can teach an old dog new tricks, but you sure can’t teach drive or passion! Remi took to chasing bumpers and balls across the yard like a champ, but her only aspiration was to pounce and “kill” it rather than bring it back. The first time she heard a gunshot, she dropped her ears and peed. She’s also not very fond of the tractors that are in the neighboring fields every plowing and harvest season. We won’t even discuss staying quiet (or still) in a hunting scenario!

If you have never heard of a Boykin Spaniel, you probably also haven’t heard their slew of nicknames, which includes “swamp poodle” and “little brown dog.” One attribute these little spaniel darlings often share (Remi included) is their ability to not rock the boat…literally. Small and lithe, Remi makes an excellent car passenger. She finds her spot and doesn’t move until we arrive at our destination. On a boat, she is content to sit or lie down and watch the clouds float by over the water. On her favorite place, the couch, she curls into the smallest ball, making her an excellent TV watching companion.

Kevin's Catalog Celebrity Dog Winner Remi
Though not the most proficient hunting dog, Remi still loves the outdoors!

I guess you could say Remi is from the “other side” of sporting breeds. Although she’s no hunter, she has lots of energy and a great personality, making her a wonderful and fun family dog, traits that sporting dogs all share – at least, all the ones I’ve ever met! We were thrilled she won the Kevin’s Catalog contest, representing the Boykin Spaniel proudly on the front cover. She certainly hammed it up for the photography crew!

**Kevin’s note:  We were thrilled to have Remi on our cover too!  In fact, we received so much great press about her we invited Meghan, her owner to tell us a little more about her!

Meghan Lodge, owner of Remi, Kevin's Catalog Celebrity Dog!
Meghan Lodge always knew Remi was a celebrity!

About Meghan – our guest blogger!

Meghan Lodge is a Thomas County native that grew up barefoot in the country and enjoyed early summer mornings with a fishing pole and her dog. She enjoys fishing, deer hunting, and bird watching. She lives with her husband and their two dogs and cats. They are expecting their first child this February.  She is a contributing  blogger with Dogster  and has her own blog dedicated to pit bull advocacy and other animal issues.

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