YAY for me, it’s my birthday!

Well, my half birthday with Kevin’s, that is! I have soooo enjoyed working at Kevin’s for the past 6 months. And as I was talking with Kevin and Kathleen about how much I have learned about their business since I started with them, it occurred to me that this is something to BLOG about!

I’ve been a customer of Kevin’s and a friend of the family for years. Our kids have gone to school together, Kathleen and I have been in clubs and on committees together, she has shared tips and given me resources for my family’s small business, and Kevin has always been a good friend to my husband and me.

After all of this time, you would think that I would’ve known more about Kevin’s and it’s owners. I have come to learn of the many areas of service, recognition, blessings and honors that have surrounded these two people and the business they have dedicated their lives to. As soon as I started with Kevin’s, I went right to work helping put together the first Kevin’s and Purdey of London’s Southern Game Fair which took place at the beautiful and historic Greenwood Plantation in November of this past fall. I was blown away at the attitude by Kevin and Kathleen and the marketing team had about this event! It was an attitude that birthed the mission statement for the event: The purpose of the Kevin’s Southern Game Fair is to build families and the love of the outdoors, to benefit the heritage of our city, and the preservation of the Longleaf Pine Forests and Bobwhite Quail habitat of the Thomasville, Georgia and the surrounding area. Key words: family, love of outdoors, heritage, preservation… It was a fabulously successful event and the proceeds were generously given to Tall Timbers and the NRA Youth Initiative. What an exhilarating start to a new job! I couldn’t help but think how blessed I was to be a part of all this company does. In addition to the Game Fair, where they partnered with Shooting Sportsman Magazine and LandLeader, Kevin’s has been awarded the 2016 Best of Tallahassee Award, they were featured in Garden & Gun magazine, Sporting Classics magazine, Shotgun Life online magazine, Thomasville Magazine, Quail Forever magazine and, most recently, in Covey Rise magazine and New York Fashion Week’s “Dressed to Kilt” fashion show, benefitting the Navy SEAL Foundation. I think that’s quite a list- and that’s just for 2016!

They won’t tell you all of this, but I sure will! So Happy 6 months to me, but more importantly, Congratulations to Kevin’s on a list of accomplishments that is to be commended! And a big THANK YOU to the above mentioned magazines and organizations for allowing Kevin’s to be a part of your publications and events!


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