The Good Stuff- Kevin’s Longleaf Pine & Quail Italian Pewter Collection

Do you ever flip through a catalog and totally miss the good stuff? Well, don’t miss the Kevin’s custom crafted Italian Pewter Collection that is found ONLY at Kevin’s! Kathleen and Rebecca met with an artisan from northern Italy and he put their ideas into production.  After 2 years, the true essence of the Longleaf Pine and Bobwhite Quail of South Georgia was perfected and this beautiful line of pewter was launched.


This collection was crafted exclusively for Kevin’s using an old world Northern Italian method that yields pieces with a patina comparable to the world’s most expensive sterling silver. Sure to be timeless treasures that are passed down to future generations, these handcrafted pieces will forever honor the unique nature of South Georgia.  


These aren’t pieces to put in your cabinet, they are fixtures for your dining room table, sideboard, coffee table or wet bar. They are completely food safe and will retain their beauty with little or no care. Hand wash in warm, soapy water and dry with a soft cloth.   

Click to shop our pewter collection.


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