SPRING…. Creative, Fresh & Renewed.

Just like the plants in springtime, we see the seeds of our creative team’s ideas sprout, bloom and grow into what we proudly present as our Spring/Summer 2017 Kevin’s Catalog. As we look back on the season of preparation for this catalog, we remember and appreciate not only each of our Kevin’s team members’ hard work and dedication to the project, but also the many petals of creation that we have come to see as the equivalent to the wonder and beauty of a flower. If only it was as easy as nature makes it look!


All good things take time and cultivation. Each page of this catalog reminds us of a person or a place, a conversation or a relationship that brought us to that snapshot. The presentation of our products tells a story that begins with a photographer who values the subject matter enough to travel from near and far to help us capture the origin of why. Why we think our customers would be interested in our products. We have friends and family that generously give their time to us for modeling “because they are usually wearing our apparel anyway.” One of the most rewarding parts of the catalog creation are the four-legged friends we meet along the way. The warmth of the wagging tail or the stately posed horse brings a love and inspiration for the outdoors to many of our pages. These are not models; they are our partners in the effort to create the scene. Much like the garden to the flower, the scene our creativity stems from is completely organic. The plantations that occupy our rural landscape provide the perfect backdrop for us to showcase our vision. In the true spirit of community, these plantation owners allow us to cultivate our ideas into the final product that you see here. Though our artistic efforts are not as natural as the flowers that will bloom in the upcoming season, we hope that we have captured the same type of collaboration that has to happen to make something beautiful.


We enjoy the Kevin’s catalog photo shoots and seeing it all put to print. We hope you , our customers, enjoy the latest catalog that just mailed out.

Happy Spring from all of the Kevin’s team!






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