Accessorize, accessorize, accessorize….

As we all know it’s the details that make things interesting. Kevin’s has beautiful custom designed scarves in beautiful, vibrant colors that will complement any outfit. Here are a few of my favs. Check out for more!

Universally flattering and goes with everything! These labradorite post earrings with antler slice drops are great for everyday or dress up. *All our antler pieces come from antler sheds we find on the manufacturers family ranch in Montana.
No deer are harmed for the making of this jewelry

This antler choker is a statement piece to complete any outfit.
Magnetic clasp, chocolate suede strap.

Natural oyster shell on a double wrap suede bracelet with magnetic clasp. This ballerina wrap bracelet is perfect for layering or wearing by itself as a beachy bohemian statement piece. Natural oyster shells hand picked locally from Apalachicola, FL. Available in suede or cowhide. Oyster, Suede Wrap, Magnetic Clasp
Medium- 14″

For those who want to make a statement we offer these stunning rattlesnake skin cuffs in brass!2″ wide for the bold

Silk wrap with antler slice center piece, antler tip and tassel on ends is both delicate and a statement piece!

This shorter length necklace is the perfect addition to any outfit from day into the evening. Grey Baroque pearls are wrapped in gold tone African spacer beads and featuring a vintage sporting medallion making this a very unique necklace.


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