SPRING…. Creative, Fresh & Renewed.

Just like the plants in springtime, we see the seeds of our creative team’s ideas sprout, bloom and grow into what we proudly present as our Spring/Summer 2017 Kevin’s Catalog. As we look back on the season of preparation for this catalog, we remember and appreciate not only each of our Kevin’s team members’ hard work and dedication to the project, but also the many petals of creation that we have come to see as the equivalent to the wonder and beauty of a flower. If only it was as easy as nature makes it look!

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Kevin’s Elk

Kevin's Elk

Kevin just returned from the spectacular Highland Hills Ranch http://www.highlandhillsranch.com in Oregon, learning about the newest in gun technology with Beretta USA http://www.berettausa.com   The group enjoyed a successful pheasant hunt and all was well in the world. Kevin didn’t really think he could be any happier until he joined some friends in Montana for a little Elk hunting.

The bull in the picture was shot by Kevin with a bow and arrow at 66 yards…Kevin was so full of happy, he headed home early just before the snow started to fall. He would say, this was a good week in September.