Meet Kevin’s New Mascot!

Meet Kevin's New Mascot!

Chloe joined the Kelly family at Christmas and loves visiting the stores and catalog. She was helping us today with Fall 2014 Mountain Khaki selections!


Kevin’s “Night Before Christmas”


T’was the night before Christmas

And all through the store,

Kevin’s staff was busy stocking the shelves once more.

The Barbour’s, Beretta’s and Purdey’s were hung,

close to Holland and Holland, the clothing and guns.


Kevin’s Finest was hanging and folded just right,

when everyone headed home Christmas Eve night.

As they locked the front door there arose a great clatter,

the staff called Kevin and Kathleen to see what was the matter.

Away to the store, The Kelly’s drove in a flash,

unlocked the front door and ran in with a dash;

the street lights on Broad gave a warm luminous glow

as they shone like midday on objects below.

And what to their wondering eyes should appear

but a whited bearded old gent, without his reindeer.


A jolly old man all dressed in Red,

they realized it was Santa which made them quite glad.

More focused than lasers, his eyes how the flew,

around the shop twinkling, he knew what to do.

“Shirts, belts, boots and bowties “he cried, “shotguns and more,

My whole list is filled from this wonderful store!”


With frenzy much like the warehouse sale crowd,

Santa moved with great speed as he moved through each aisle.

Around each corner, and up to the top of each wall,

he filled his great bag and it grew very tall.

And then with a twinkle Santa began laughing with joy;

he had found all of the presents for his good girls and boys.

As we wondered and pondered on what he would do next,

he came down the steps and slowed down for short little rest.


He was dressed all in fur, but started trying on clothes,

the red coat was for Christmas, only for show.

First he tried on our shirts, then some pants, now a coat,

he knew what he liked but he never did gloat,

A happy glance in the mirror confirmed he looked fine,

He kept trying on clothes until it was time.

He admired our shotguns and tried out a few,

then looked at our muck boots and knew they would do.

St. Nick looked through the ties, admiring all,

 and then checked out the camo and several duck calls.

He loved the Clic Readers, in our sunglasses he rocked,

and he turned around laughing then spied our wool socks,

It was cold in the North Pole, he loved how they felt

warm feet were a priority especially for elves. 


He had a broad face and little round belly

That shook when he laughed like a bowl full of jelly

He noticed us watching and with a wink of his eye

Let us know the time had come for him to fly,

He spoke not a word and went back to his work

He closed up his bag, and then turned with a jerk.

Opening the front door he gave a great whistle,

And a sleigh with eight reindeer arrived for his dismissal.

He sprang to the sleigh and away they all flew

With a quiet, quick cadence, they knew what to do.

But we heard him exclaim as they flew out of sight

“Thank you to the Kelly’s; I had lots of fun,

everyone wanted Kevin’s this year , so my work is now done.

On to deliver these great gifts of yours,

Merry Christmas to all, especially those who love the outdoors!”



The Quintessential Southern Woman

Kathleen Kelly Duck Hunting
A great day of duck hunting!

By Didi Hoffman

Her soft southern drawl pulls you gently in as you talk to Kathleen Kelly. Tall and slim with a big smile, she is kind, polite and always sees the good around her.  Co-owner of Kevin’s Fine Outdoor Gear & Apparel and Kevin’s Catalog, Kathleen never seems hurried or too busy to take a moment to talk to you. Her family hails from Rome, GA but she grew up in Pensacola, Florida with family ties to Alabama as well.  Kathleen grew up hunting on the Quail Plantations of Florida, Georgia and Alabama and ran barefoot on the beaches and bay of Pensacola.  She smiles when she talks about how fun it was always being outdoors and being surrounded by strong southern women who always seemed to fill her home with delicious food and friends.  Dogs, food, family and southern traditions still move Kathleen and are the foundation of Kevin’s success.  For over 40 years the family owned business has become family to many generations of southern hunters and outdoor men and women.

Kathleen feeding Rhino South Africa
Kathleen feeding endangered orphaned Rhino Douwlina in South Africa this summer

Fourth generation southern, Kathleen received a degree in political science with a minor in history and communications from Florida State University.   She still talks to her Kappa Delta sisters today and will talk football with the best of them – like all true southern women she is every bit as well versed as her male counterparts! When planning personal or professional events, game day schedules are always considered!  Kevin is also a FSU alum but their son is now a War Eagle, and their daughter is looking at a number of SEC colleges which only expands their love of college football.

When asked about her southern heritage and the traditions she finds most important, Kathleen reminisces about enjoying a casual coastal lifestyle,  hunting and food, family, friends and of course their many dogs.   Memories as a young girl are filled with stories of the beach and the hunt, large suppers, beautiful china, elegant table settings with incredible food, sharing recipes and laughter at the table of her family and friends.  The thought and details  put into every event dominate her experiences, yet she laughs a soft laugh when saying the dogs still ruled the house and the nicest outfits were accessorized with dog hair!

Kathleen and Anna
Maggie looks great in Anna’s Tutu! Kathleen and Anna enjoy dressing up and dressing up Maggie too!

It’s no wonder that she designs many of the different clothing lines, and selects with loving care the home goods found at Kevin’s.    She grew up in the field and knows what the true outdoor person loves, how they wear it and how the fabrics and construction must perform.  Quality is king to Kathleen, she expects it for herself and especially for her customers – many who shop worldwide with Kevin’s.  Her background after college was in marketing for the new Florida Lottery and Ernst & Young as a consultant.  Lessons learned very early were if the customer isn’t happy then she has not done her job –and every day, this is the questions she asks of her staff, is Kevin’s giving their customers a great shopping experience?

So much of the southern lifestyle Kathleen grew up with and lives every day is about entertaining.  It’s about home, family, friends and gathering together.  The cookbooks sold at Kevin’s have been tested by Kathleen, she cooks and entertains often.  She knows the best recipes! The bridal registry is a favorite for southern brides (and grooms too with their extensive hunting and fishing departments) ; where else will you find such a beautiful selection for your home?

Kevin and Kathleen Kelly
Kevin and Kathleen Kelly, owner’s of Kevin’s Fine Outdoor Gear & Apparel and Kevins Catalog

Kathleen Kelly, co-owner  of Kevin’s is the quintessential southern woman.  Kevin’s is a reflection of her deep rooted southern lifestyle, her gracious love of entertaining and her love of creating gathering places for friends and family.  Stop by, she will spend the time to get to know you without rushing or worry, because it’s all about you.    It’s not surprising that people fly in from everywhere (even across the ocean) to shop at Kevin’s!

Kevin's Catalog November 2013 Cover
Quintessentially Kathleen! This beautiful setting was created for Kevin’s Catalog but it reflects the southern lifestyle and traditions Kathleen embraces. Friends and family together.

VOTE FOR KEVIN’S Campaign Blitz


For the past month, we have been bombarding our friends and customers with pleas to VOTE FOR KEVIN’S.  With great enthusiasm you have supported us and helped us move to the next round of  Intuit’s contest to win an all expense paid commercial for the SUPER BOWL!!

Wow, the competition has been fierce, but we made it to round two….which requires more voting by the public and our friends.    In the first round, we could see who was doing well, where we fit in and we knew were always in the running because of your support.


The second round ends October 13th, so please vote everyday for us,  Watch our video – it is funny and real.  Our video camera failed during the shoot, Kevin and Kathleen had to go out of town immediately to watch Anna cheer at an away (far away) football game,  so we had very little time.  It would be several days of delay if we didn’t do it that day.   The Thomasville  store was packed with customers  (a wonderful thing) and Kevin and Kathleen knew all by name so of course, they wanted to say hello to everyone!  Having the  five minutes to film was nothing short of a miracle.  We wound up having to shoot the video on a smartphone (pretty amazing) and after a few tries, our video opportunity was over…back to work!  We hope you enjoy our entry, realizing rehearsals and technology were not in the cards, but we had a blast filming it  anyway!


Miss Betty did  forgot to mention she was 91 years old – which is a privilege to forget at 91 years old!  We also had to answer some questions about our business as a part of the competition – please take the time to read them (and vote for them) because they really give you an understanding of how important our customers, our families, our dogs and the outdoor lifestyle are to  us.   Thank you for your continued support and VOTE FOR KEVIN’S everyday.


Remi – Kevin’s Celebrity Dog!

Written by guest blogger: Meghan Lodge

As many of you hunters know, no two sporting dogs are the same, even within the same breed. Some just have an amazing drive to perform and will perform their tasks with precision and a confident grace that makes your chest swell with pride. Others may not operate as smoothly, but still get the job done. Then there’s that select few – the eccentric failed sporting dog that thinks flushing a bird is barking at it until it flies away and retrieving is an exercise game for the owner. My Remi darling falls in the latter category, for sure!

Kevin's Celebrity Dog - Remi
Winner of Kevin’s Catalog Celebrity Dog Contest – Boykin Spaniel Remi! The competition was tough but Remi stole the show!

Remi was a rambunctious and mischievous adolescent Boykin Spaniel known as Madison when we met her. Her first owners weren’t prepared for her boundless energy or penchant for hunting moles in the backyard. We adopted her, and my husband renamed her “Remington High Brass” after the only shell his father’s beloved 16 gauge shot gun would shoot. He clearly had high aspirations for her to be a fine bird dog.

It’s true – you can teach an old dog new tricks, but you sure can’t teach drive or passion! Remi took to chasing bumpers and balls across the yard like a champ, but her only aspiration was to pounce and “kill” it rather than bring it back. The first time she heard a gunshot, she dropped her ears and peed. She’s also not very fond of the tractors that are in the neighboring fields every plowing and harvest season. We won’t even discuss staying quiet (or still) in a hunting scenario!

If you have never heard of a Boykin Spaniel, you probably also haven’t heard their slew of nicknames, which includes “swamp poodle” and “little brown dog.” One attribute these little spaniel darlings often share (Remi included) is their ability to not rock the boat…literally. Small and lithe, Remi makes an excellent car passenger. She finds her spot and doesn’t move until we arrive at our destination. On a boat, she is content to sit or lie down and watch the clouds float by over the water. On her favorite place, the couch, she curls into the smallest ball, making her an excellent TV watching companion.

Kevin's Catalog Celebrity Dog Winner Remi
Though not the most proficient hunting dog, Remi still loves the outdoors!

I guess you could say Remi is from the “other side” of sporting breeds. Although she’s no hunter, she has lots of energy and a great personality, making her a wonderful and fun family dog, traits that sporting dogs all share – at least, all the ones I’ve ever met! We were thrilled she won the Kevin’s Catalog contest, representing the Boykin Spaniel proudly on the front cover. She certainly hammed it up for the photography crew!

**Kevin’s note:  We were thrilled to have Remi on our cover too!  In fact, we received so much great press about her we invited Meghan, her owner to tell us a little more about her!

Meghan Lodge, owner of Remi, Kevin's Catalog Celebrity Dog!
Meghan Lodge always knew Remi was a celebrity!

About Meghan – our guest blogger!

Meghan Lodge is a Thomas County native that grew up barefoot in the country and enjoyed early summer mornings with a fishing pole and her dog. She enjoys fishing, deer hunting, and bird watching. She lives with her husband and their two dogs and cats. They are expecting their first child this February.  She is a contributing  blogger with Dogster  and has her own blog dedicated to pit bull advocacy and other animal issues.

Nelli Quickly Becomes Kevin’s Mascot for Cute!

We had so much fun last Friday, our manager’s son came by to visit with his lab puppy Nelli.  Immediately, we decided a photo shoot was in order and with iphones (and finally a good camera), we spent a few hours with Nelli as center and focus of our new game day  merchandise and potentially our holiday dog! Nelli is only 12 weeks old but she was sweet and cooperative – she’s a star already and will eventually be retrieving birds in the field.

Our fall State Traditions tee and belts got everyone excited too – being in the south, we love our SEC and ACC football so there was no shortage of absolute loyalty to each school’s shirts . We decided to let everyone pick their colors and display to the world (along with Nelli)!

Nelli in Photo Shoot for Kevin' Catalog
We couldn’t resist this face! Nelli modeling like a professional for our impromptu photo shoot at Kevin’s Fine Outdoor Gear & Apparel.
State Traditions and Southern Proper Tee's perfect for Game Day
Will you look as cute in State Traditions and Southern Proper Game Day Tee’s as Nelli? We say Yes!
Which SEC or ACC School is your favorite?
Nelli is too tired to take sides, she loves all the State Traditions Tees and belts!