Whether you are on the beach, boat, or bay this Labor Day weekend you can still shop ‘til you drop! Kevin’s is now offering our new Fall 2017 catalog for your computer or mobile devices. Flipping through the pages has never been easier…just flip, click, and checkout.


Dove Season Opener…Kevin’s Tips

This upcoming weekend is one that many have been anticipating for a long while, the opening of dove season in Georgia and College Football! Many will head out into the field, in the hottest weather to sweat while enjoying the camaraderie of friends and family, retrievers (if they can endure the heat), dust and nature with the hopes of dove flying and their favorite college football team winning! IMG_0565[73227]

Sporting enthusiastic will be dressed in light-weight clothing, dark in color or camo with the goal of not getting over-heated. Other outfitting will include shells and Kevin’s recommends Rio 12 gauge high-brass, as the most affordable shell to get the job done! Also, lots of water, a dove stool or bucket, dove decoy, cooler and your favorite bird gun!


Speaking of guns, Kevin’s picks for a successful shoot are the Beretta A300 semi-automatic and the Kevin’s New!Golden Quailkevins_golden_quail[73235]

A few final tips, wear safety glasses, bring bug repellent, bring lots of water and a cooler, bring a dog water bowl, practice safety, and have a great shoot! For more information on Georgia hunting visit: and to prepare for the upcoming Florida hunting season check out



Spring Break is just around the corner! Mom’s and daughters- look your best while you’re on the beach or cruise ship! Check out Kevin’s for the best looking beachwear.

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Gal’s Night!


Fried Quail with Milk Gravy

Skillet Roasted Okra & Shrimp

Pimento Cheese Grits

Bacon Scallion Hoe Cakes with Pepper Jelly
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Kevin’s now offers custom monogramming and embroidery.

At Kevin’s, we want to make sure your indoor occasions are as fabulous as your outdoor ones!

We have our very own in house seamstress whose talent is unsurpassed.

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YAY for me, it’s my birthday!

Well, my half birthday with Kevin’s, that is! I have soooo enjoyed working at Kevin’s for the past 6 months. And as I was talking with Kevin and Kathleen about how much I have learned about their business since I started with them, it occurred to me that this is something to BLOG about!

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40 Years Combined Fishing Expertise at Kevin’s

Are you new to fishing or do you consider yourself a professional? Are you a Tallahassee native, live nearby or pass through enroute to the beach? If so, than you’ve probably stopped at Kevin’s Guns and Sporting Goods in Tallahassee to pick up your favorite lures and flies from the fishing department.

Lin Hudson and Miles Glass have 40 years of combined experience and expertise at Kevin’s of Tallahassee. Both Lin and Miles grew up on the coast where fishing was second nature. These guys cannot only tell you what’s biting what, but can tell you a fishing story or two! From local knowledge, great fishing spots, to the perfect rod, these gentlemen can help you with all of your fishing needs.
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