A Woman’s View Down Memory Lane

Anna Kelly sporting the Huntress Collection

Want to know my first reaction when I saw this picture? Sorry Kevin’s, but I giggled…⁣

I can hear Daddy’s voice like it was yesterday. “Now Kate” he’d say with a half smirk. He’d furrow his eyebrows, tilt his head back slightly and stand with his weight on one leg, hands halfway in his front pockets, elbows wide. It was actually a question. He wanted to know why I was doing whatever I was doing. He wanted the inside story. It always made me giggle because my sisters and I seemed to perplex Daddy with girly things like ruffly hunting clothes most of his days. He never did fully understand, but he did try. ⁣

I used to love to watch a hunting guide size Daddy up, especially as he aged. He got stiffer and slower. His hearing wasn’t as sharp. Maybe his memory wasn’t either. But name the target – elk at 400 yards, antelope on the run, covey of quail – and he would take it on the first shot. Every time followed by a wink. He knew his old body and mild demeanor had been underestimated. That surprised look on a guide’s face never got old and it always reminded me that things and people are rarely as they seem. Daddy was good at spending his energy looking beyond facades and “figuring”, to use his word, the insides of situations and people. He liked knowing how things worked. He liked knowing how and why a person ended up in their current life situation. And he really enjoyed it when he thought he could make any of the inside parts of people or things better. ⁣

Wouldn’t we all be much happier and more productive if we saw less of the outsides and more of the insides in this world? If we replaced comparison with genuine interest? If we saw the ruffles only on our way to seeing and appreciating much more? ⁣

Only as a favor to you, I guess I could wear this vest. You know, just to help prompt this new way of thinking. For the good of humanity! It’ll be a struggle, but I’ll do it for you. 😉⁣

By: Kate Lewis

Best shirts under the Sun!!


By: Jonathan Hatcher

     Any of us who have been fishing are very familiar with one of nature’s crucial elements…and I’m not talking about the water. It’s that big yellow thing in the sky that can ruin the best of fishing trips. Studies have shown that the Sun, is the #1 cause of sunburns. It also helps camouflage the fish because of the shiny glare that keeps us from seeing what we might be casting for. We also know that it’s time to start throwing in the the shady areas or letting it drop deeper because, well, let’s face it… fish are a smart. Smart enough to keep out of the sun. Anglers have tried for ages to figure out how to keep themselves out of the sun while catching dinner or that big trophy to brag about back home. While some methods have worked, it still proves difficult because it seems like the sun is coming from everywhere, not just the sky. You can feel it radiate down on you, the glare from the water, bouncing off the sand, and even coming off the boat and hitting you!


Sunscreen definitely helps. That SPF number goes a long way. It never really seems to be quite enough, though. Sunglasses, of course, have been a necessity since they came onto the scene. But, even that wasn’t enough after a while. We had to make sure these things deflected UVA and then UVB rays. Your eyes are very important, we totally agree with that. The technology that exists today seems to have them covered (pun intended) but what about the rest of your body? Think about it… the eyes are only the smallest portion that are exposed to the sun.


We’d like to introduce to you our friend, UPF. Some of you may have heard this term before but might not be exactly sure what it is or what it means. Let’s start with something you are more familiar with. SPF stands for “Sun Protection Factor” and is the standard used to measure the effectiveness of sunscreens. It provides protection from only UVB (unless otherwise stated to be a broad spectrum sunscreen.) An SPF of 15 means that it prolongs the protection 15 times of what it would normally take for you to burn. Plus, as the saying goes, “Dry skin burns, moist skin tans” but there are still harmful rays penetrating your skin. Now, in comparison, UPF stands for “Ultraviolet Protection Factor” and is the standard used to measure the effectiveness of sun protective fabrics. It provides protection against both UVA and UVB. The UPF rating of 40 blocks out 80% of all UV rays when worn. Now that’s the extra help we’ve been looking for!!


People love Kevin’s performance fishing shirts for many reasons. First, it has that beautiful UPF 40 sun protection! They look good and they keep you feeling cool. They’re breathable and have a vented back to help keep air flow moving to cool you off. Now, you’re most likely going to be sweating so that’s an awesome feature. However, too much sweat in a normal shirt will just trap the moisture and cause you to get all sticky and drenched… which provides for an uncomfortable fishing experience. We want to help keep you as cool and comfortable as possible which is why we made sure our shirts are moisture wicking and super-lightweight, which allows the sweat to evaporate easily.


All-in-all, make sure you stay hydrated by drinking as much water as possible. Find you a good pair of sunglasses. Wear your sunscreen. And get you some UPF protective apparel. Oh, almost forgot… catch you some fish!!

Sampling and Celebrating the Sporting Life

It starts with a drive down a magnolia-lined lane through a beautiful gate that Tiffany’s created then you pass the 1800s Greek revival main house of Greenwood Plantation and time begins to slow. You turn into the grassy field and catch a ride on a quail wagon pulled by Clydesdales to the pop-up canopies on the hill. Your seatmate says he’s from L.A. “You know, Lower Alabama.”

It’s one of many moments you’ll savor from Kevin’s 3rd Annual Game Fair, November 8-10, 2018. Here are just a few we recall:

Gazing up at Old Glory billowing atop a 140-foot flagpole, as a soloist sang God Bless America. Then watching as gentlemen and ladies bowed their heads for a poetic Rev. Horton invocation to start the day.

Walking down a dirt lane near a patch of wiregrass and seeing a crowd coming toward you. The object of their attention: Two dogs on point with field trials Chris Mathan and Betty Shearouse nearby. The lead dog and his backup stood statue still. There was a quick rustling, wings fluttered, then you heard the pop-pop of a starter pistol. It was one impressive performance.

Hearing a man speaking fervent Italian as he meandered across the helicopter field and recognizing him as the Poli Brothers rep. He was one of three overseas gunmakers who traveled to Thomasville for the weekend’s festivities.

Feeling thankful for those who defend our freedom, when Kevin Kelly offered a shout out to Navy SEAL Brad McCloud, Army Ranger Kris Sutton and other service members at the start of the Veteran’s Day weekend.

Watching a twelve-year-old from South Carolina at the sporting clay line-up receiving personal instruction from Kevin Kelly. Her father was one of the audience of admirers for a time, until he heard about the $40,000 Purdey shotgun at the other end of the field that he just had to go see.

Men in bold red jackets and white fox hunting breeches, part of the internationally-acclaimed Live Oak Hounds, who were there compliments of Huntsman Hall of Famer Marty Wood and his wife, Daphne Flowers Wood.

John Deere tractors, off-road custom Roxor Jeeps, Range Rovers and Ford trucks in every flavor dotting the landscape.

Meeting black Labrador “Deke,” a Covey Rise and Garden & Gun magazine cover favorite, and being amazed by his in-field performance under the direction of handler Mike Stewart of Wildrose Kennels.

Meeting black Labrador “Deke,” a Covey Rise and Garden & Gun magazine cover favorite, and being amazed by his in-field performance under the direction of handler Mike Stewart of Wildrose Kennels.

Ladies in pheasant fedoras and jazzy shooting shirts, plus a variety of wing-shooting adornments on leggings, belts, jewelry, scarves and more.

Taking a shortcut across the field near the tenant houses and feeling the ground vibrate, then looking up to see the Clydesdales from Longpine Plantation pulling a quail wagon of guests.

Marveling over the English Cocker Spaniel demonstrations with Ryglen Gundogs and discovering later that Kevin and Kathleen would be getting their very own Ryglen born and bred puppy as a Kevin’s mascot.

It was the kind of day that ends with a satisfying sigh. All is right with the world, at least here in the Red Hills Region.




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