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Kevin’s was thrilled to be a partner for this Spring’s THOM. We admire how Thomasville Center for the Arts captures, expresses and promotes the abundance of creative thinking in our community. Take a look at the entire publication! Enjoy!

The Pinetree that Wanted to be an Oak

Came across this pine that looks like an oak on a sunday country drive.| Tailored for the Sporting Lifestyle |

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Legacy of the Georgia Florida Field Trial Club

Every President’s Day, a 99 year tradition takes place on a member plantation of the Georgia Florida Field Trial Club in the Red Hills Region. Members gather to celebrate their wild coveys of quail, family friendships and rivalries that have spanned generations, and most importantly, their beloved bird

Since 1916, Club members have come outfitted in their finest, from riding boots to the feathers in their hats. Even their handsome wooden quail wagons are shined for the occasion. While there are many member spectators, only 24 member plantations can run a dog, split up into twelve braces of two. Imagine a day long hunt with plantation owners mounted in wagons and on horses underneath tall pines and amongst the wiregrass, competing to take home the coveted title of best bird dog. Two judges, one from the Club and a non-member, set out on their horses with the gallery to judge the best pointer. The judges count and score each dog’s points and honored points over a thirty minute window. As a point occurs, the dog’s owner shoots a favorite gun in the air to break the covey and move the dog on.

Midday, everyone breaks for lunch on a scenic piece of the plantation where the Club dines under a massive white tent and speculates on who has brought the best dog. After lunch, the Club parades back into the pines where the second group of bird dogs perform. After the last brace, the Club makes their way back to the tent where the winners are announced and the plantation owners with the top three dogs are awarded trophies.

Congratulations to this year’s winner! 1st Place: Kathy Folsom, 2nd Place: New Hope Plantation and 3rd Place: Melrose Plantation.

Kevin’s salutes the Georgia Florida Field Trial Club for the traditions they’ve upheld for over a century. They’re fine stewards of the land, love the wildlife and working animals that make it enjoyable, and make running around in the woods fashionable – a few of our favorite things!

Kathy Folsom GA FL Field Trial
1st Place Winner
Lanigan Family
2nd Place Winner

Melrose Plantation 3rd Place
3rd Place Winner

 | Tailored for the Sporting Lifestyle |

Hunting for a Gift for the Fox in your Life?

Inspo 1
   for the foxy lady in your life
a grinning fox silk tie for the fine guy in your life
cozy down with this embroidered heart-shaped
fox feather and down pillow
yummy sips come from this 
porcelain fox hunt scene
for the wine or mixologist on your list
| Tailored for the Sporting Lifestyle |

A Purdey Awesome Morning at Rio Piedra Plantation

The 2009 Sporting Classics Magazine named Rio Piedra Plantation “Hunting Lodge of the Year”

Northwest of Thomasville, on the banks of the Flint River, lies Rio Piedra Plantation, one of the expansive private shooting preserves that stretch across South Georgia and into North Florida. It was an ideal morning to go shooting. The air was crisp with no breeze, we were surrounded by tall pines highlighted by the lighting that’s unique to Fall, and outfitted with Purdey shooting vests and two beautiful shotguns, one of England’s finest, and another, designed in our neck of the woods.

To celebrate Purdey’s bicentennial anniversary, Kevin’s longtime friends from London Al and Chris brought two of their fabulous firearms to shoot beside two shotguns Kevin has designed here and makes in Italy.

I’ve held plenty of guns, but holding that well-balanced piece of functional art changed my perspective on the difference a well-designed gun makes. When you lift it, it effortlessly fits into your shoulder as if it was made for you. Holding these guns I felt their tradition of excellence, a part of something special. If you haven’t had the pleasure, call Kevin and ask to see his Gun Room.


Chris, the Kelly’s longtime family friend will always bring a smile to your face!


Kevin and Kathleen sporting their Purdey shooting vests |Click the picture to be directed to Kathleen's vest
Kevin and Kathleen sporting their Purdey shooting vests | Click the picture to be directed to Kathleen’s vest
Jack, our SMU intern in one of our Kevin’s Finest Egyptian Cotton 8 Button Shirts | Click the picture to view Jack’s tattersall shirt
Rebecca preparing to shoot a Purdey shotgun







View of the Flint River from Rio Piedra Plantation | The Flint River stretches from the Piedmont to the Chattahoochee River in southwest Georgia.
View of the Flint River from Rio Piedra Plantation | The Flint River stretches from the Piedmont to the Chattahoochee River in southwest Georgia.

The Night Before: Kevin’s Fine Gun Room Hosts Purdey Shotgun Viewing

Al and men in Gunroom

Marty in Gunroom |

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