Spring and summer are just around the corner.  What are the “must haves” for men to feel comfortable and show their sense of style and fun? Injecting personality into the summer wardrobe is easier than ever if you follow our lead!  Kevin’s Catalog has been dressing men for 40 years, our style is classic, but always fashion forward in the latest colors, products and designs.  Check out our entire collection at http://www.kevinscatalog.com and for a catalog delivered by mail call us at 800-953-8467.

Just in case you won’t be at home tonight, impress with this Dopp Kit made from the best canvas and leather available, embossed with your initials, by White Wing.
Bow Ties are BIG! Make sure you have a few for the perfect occasion. Brackish Bowties,  Bird Dog Bay, Kevin’s Finest.
Martin Dingman Livinsgston Belt
The perfect spring/summer belt, accessorizes your fun summer colors with a  sophisticated sense of classic style. Martin Dingman.
Sun washed broken-in twill shorts, perfect for the weekend. Peter Millar for Kevin’s.
Spring Shirts
Bright and colorful summer colors. Classic button down’s for comfort, great colors for showing off your fun side! Made of the finest cottons  and seersucker. Kevin’s.
ergonometric shirts
Made to move the way a man moves – Ergonometric   shirts in rich english poplin and luxurious 100% Egyptian cotton. The most elegant men’s shirt on  the market. Kevin’s Ergonometric Shirt Collection.
Don’t be surprised if all the women want to ohh and aww over this swim short!  Lightweight and luxurious –  when only great style will do. Kevin’s Finest Quick Dry Swim Shorts.
Classic polo in every color from Southern Tide.
American made vintage washed men’s twill pants in colors to match any shirt you want to wear. Peter Millar  and Kevin’s.
Must have, handsome shoes that are so comfortable you won’t want to take them off.  Made of  the finest, softest leathers and interiors  Casual or dressed, classic good looking style.  .  Kevin’s Finest Deerskin Loafers, Martin Dingman Wallce with bit, Sperry Top Sider Billfish, Kevin’s Finest  Genuine Crocodile  Driver.
Men love these readers, they stay around the neck until ready to use then “clic” together with magnets – great looking with a strong confident edge  .  Clic Magnetic Eyewear  .
derrickbarreiro:Daniel Wellington Classic Cardiff 
Classic, handsome men’s watch, this one Daniel Wellington Classic Cardiff with interchangeable bands.

A Christmas List Left Behind

Christmas list left in our store!
We love this Christmas List left in our store, and have sent it to the North Pole in hopes Andrew was a good boy and gets the things he wanted!

Kevin’s Story

A friend suggested we  enter the Intuit Small Business Super Bowl ad contest and we thought it would be fun to win an all expense ad during the Super Bowl, after all, their audience is filled with Kevin’s customers.  The first part of the contest asked us to write a 600 character life story – well, we misread and wrote 600 words.   The story is compelling and because we had to chop it back down to 600 characters, we wanted our Kevin’s family to know how it all began.  So…here is Kevin’s Story in 600 words!

Kevin’s Story

Growing up in house with five children and little money, the floor served as Kevin Kelly’s bed and provided strong lessons about money and value which are evident when you walk through the doors of his two stores or view his online catalog and website.   As a boy of eight, Kevin saw boys riding the coolest bike around, the Schwinn Stingray – he loved that bike, and wanted one in blue. So he saved enough money by hard work mowing lawns and sweeping the local store.  Finally, one day he walked into the bike shop with $49 and tax and ordered that blue Stingray, being the first on the block to have the newest color!  That was a great day!    At 13, Kevin saved enough money through many different jobs to buy his dream car!  $2200 for a Chevy Chevelle – but in his excitement he forgot he needed another three years to drive it!  That great feeling of pride and excitement when buying the best with hard earned money has never left Kevin. His goal is for Kevin’s customers is  to feel that same pride and excitement with every purchase.

Known worldwide, for offering one of the finest gun collections, Kevin began selling what he loved – hunting guns and fishing gear in a 200 square foot storefront.  He put a pool table in the middle so his friends and customers would stay a little longer and many of those same people still hang around to talk hunting and fishing with Kevin and his staff.  Back then, Kevin had to work for $2 an hour someplace else to make ends meet and allow him to buy the best merchandise for his customers.  His momma, Miss Betty, took care of the books on a ledger with a pencil – growing the stack of ledger sheets along with the growth of Kevin’s stores.  When Kathleen and Kevin married in the early 90’s, Kathleen brought a strong technology background and helped transition Miss Betty from pencils to QuickBooks; she also expanded Kevin’s to the web early on.

Kevin’s customers become family and the Kelly’s call them that in everyday conversation.  They want the Kevin’s family to have outstanding service and the best selection of goods anywhere.  Just ask the loyal customers who have shopped there for over 40 years including past Vice Presidents, executives, NFL players and country music stars who fly into the small South Georgia town of Thomasville  or Tallahassee, Florida for a day of shopping at Kevin’s.  They come from many continents and all have the same love of the outdoors that Kevin had the day he opened the door 40 years ago.

The Kelly’s know their customers, their customer’s children and grandchildren – they hunt with them, they fish with them. They celebrate the outdoor life and its traditions together.   It is truly a family business with a home town feel, even for those who fly in from around the world just to shop at Kevin’s.  With the internet anyone can buy anything anywhere.  Kevin’s is more than that, it is family, it is relationships and knowing that Kevin and Kathleen know who you are.  It’s personal.

Kevin’s momma always told him to save every penny, pay cash and only buy the best – it lasts longer. Kevin listened to her and now  at 91 years old, his momma never needs to  give Kevin advice but she does come to his Tallahassee store  every day, to check the books and make sure the store looks its best, because, after all, his  name is on it.

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